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Professional Speaker, Marcus Slaton at Craig Duswalt's RockStar Entrepreneur ConferenceWhat would your company look like if every employee, from the person at the front desk, to you the business owner or CEO, were reaching to live a life of balance and success in all areas of life? What kind of environment would that create for your company?

Imagine an environment where every employee was reaching to become a better version of themselves in all 5 areas of their lives — spiritual, emotional, relational, physical and financial. Can you imagine the unity, the atmosphere, the order and alignment of team you would create for those employees you want committed to your dream and vision?

Larry Broughton, Founder & CEO of Broughton Hotels & Broughton AdvisoryMarcus Slaton is a man on a mission! Yes, he’s a world-class athlete & keynote speaker. Sure, he’s a high-achieving entrepreneur & business strategist. Of course, he’s an optimistic innovator.

“But here’s the bottom line: he’s a tenacious overcomer who has been to the summit of sports, business and life; but more importantly, he’s been a warrior through the valleys of life. Marcus Slaton is the real deal.”  Read more…

Larry Broughton, Founder & CEO •

Imagine the sense of ownership and accomplishment they would feel as you and your management team not only exemplified that balance of life, but helped build up those employees with the same principles by coming along side and helping them live it out? Imagine the sense of commitment they would feel from you, and towards you, knowing that you were willing to invest in them. How would that impact employee loyalty and efficiency? How would that translate to client satisfaction?

As a business owner, CEO or president of a company, your employees are the greatest assets you have! Yes your employees! Not your product or even your clients. Unless you plan on selling and servicing your clients all by yourself, without loyal and balanced employees your business will never become the greatest version of itself that it can be.

As CEOs and business owners we have an obligation and responsibility to our company’s mission to do the right thing. Invest into your greatest asset and watch your company reach — as a whole — a version of itself far beyond your expectations.

.Professional Speaker, Marcus Slaton at Craig Duswalt's RockStar Entrepreneur Conference

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