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Ephesians 3:20E32ZERO is a journey to inspire others to reach for the life they have always desired. The life God is speaking of in John 10:10 where he says, “Satan comes to kill, steal and destroy but I came to give you Life, Life to the full” or an “Abundant Life.” God’s plan is for us to live the 10 out of 10 life!

Within this journey called “Life,” there are 5 other journeys we live: spiritual, emotional, relational, physical and financial. In Jeremiah 29:11 God says that He knows the plans He has for us and that His plans are to prosper us. God has a plan for us to prosper in every area of our life. The tendency for most of us is to focus and put all of our energy on one or two of those areas while the other areas of our life suffer.

Pastors and business leaders deal with this at every level from themselves, their church leaders and managers to their church members and employees. How often do we see pastors or church leaders of very large churches or successful businessmen fall to infidelity and tear apart their families? Most of us know individuals who have lost a loved one or have been hurt by someone they trusted and turn to self-medication as a means to cope with their loss or hurt.

We all have thoughts and dreams of pursuing God’s will in our lives, but sometimes we get off the path and find ourselves stuck in the valleys of life. We can see the peaks of accomplishment and success God has promised us in the distance, we can feel and taste the satisfaction of pursuing and climbing them, but we seem to come up short or get lost along the way. We get frustrated, lose hope and we give up on those dreams God placed in our hearts because we can’t find our way back to His path.

Marcus Slaton, Faith-Based Conference SpeakerE32ZERO will empower you, direct you, inspire you, encourage you and motivate you and your church or business to reach for the path that leads to the Abundant Life God desires for us all.

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