Jared Ming, Lead & Founding Pastor of Higher Vision Church“This letter is a recommendation of Marcus Slaton and E32ZERO. I have known Marcus as a close friend for over 5 years. His is a man of passion and integrity. He has been a faithful part of my private prayer group, called the Wall, for several years. He has served in leadership at Higher Vision as the director of HV’s Marriage Care Center. This ministry has grown significantly and become a positive force for saving and strengthening marriages. He has also been very involved in leadership with our Men’s Ministry, speaking and teaching, as well as helping plan our Men’s Encounters and Man-camps. He and his wife have been intricately involved in the ministry of Higher Vision.

“It has been amazing to watch E32ZERO grow in its influence among businesses, churches and ministry. I will never forget the day Marcus shared the vision that God had put in his heart to help people “Live Out” the life God has for them. Marcus has an amazing gift to teach powerful principles in a humble and practical way. Listening to the teachings, my life and many in our leadership have received the tools to take things to the next level.

If you Pastor a church, lead a ministry, own a business, or personally want to launch into a new level, I want to encourage you to bring in Marcus Slaton and E32ZERO. It will help strengthen not only your own life, but also your team and everyone in your organization. It’s time to reach your God-given potential and walk in a Higher Vision. So invite E32ZERO to your church this year and watch your leaders begin to grow. You won’t regret it!”

Jared Ming, Lead & Founding Pastor
Higher Vision Church • HigherVisionChurch.com


Larry Broughton, Founder & CEO of Broughton Hotels & Broughton AdvisoryMarcus Slaton is a man on a mission! Yes, he’s a world-class athlete & keynote speaker. Sure, he’s a high-achieving entrepreneur & business strategist. Of course, he’s an optimistic innovator. But here’s the bottom line: he’s a tenacious overcomer who has been to the summit of sports, business and life; but more importantly, he’s been a warrior through the valleys of life. Marcus Slaton is the real deal.

“I’ve had the honor of working side-by-side with Marcus on business projects; and I’ve received counsel from him on personal matters. Marcus is one of the few go-to guys in my personal and professional secret arsenal of success tools. When I need wise counsel, a caring ear, or a kick in the pants, I call Marcus. He possesses the rare ability of sharing the hard truth, in an encouraging and optimistic manner.

“Marcus is an authentic world-changer! I thank God for blessing my life with a man of inspiration & integrity, passion & wisdom, humor & grace embodied in Marcus. Here’s a warning: If you want to maintain the status quo in your life and business, stay clear of Marcus Slaton!”

Larry Broughton, Founder & CEO
BroughtonHOTELS.com • BROUGHTONadvisory.com


Derrick Christy, CEO of Christy Ventures“I was sincerely honored to have the opportunity to attend Marcus Slaton’s E32ZERO event. Marcus did corporate training for my entire staff. He is a dynamic speaker that lifted the overall positive morale in my offices.

“He shares his story and lessons with a passionate and genuine approach that connected with my team in a meaningful way, not only for their corporate success but also for their personal development.

“This was the single best training decision that I have ever made in my company by asking Marcus to speak at my companies. I would highly recommend Marcus to speak to any group of individuals and definitely for companies that want to improve the personal development of their team.”

Derrick Christy, CEO
Christy Ventures • DerrickChristy.com


Terry Davis, CEO of Tri-California EventsMarcus Slaton writes exactly like he is. He is one of the most passionate people I have ever met and brings it into his everyday life. He is the encourager’s encourager and a great friend. He has brought more people into the sport of triathlon and the fitness lifestyle than anyone I know.

“Marcus is also passionate about Christ and lets him lead his life with his family, career, church, and friends. There is such a great connection with the passion in us for sports and living life and Marcus shows just what it has done in his life. Take the lessons that Marcus relates in the book and put them to work in your life. You can find the passion in your life and live it, too. This book is a must-read.”

Terry Davis, CEO
Tri-California Events


Craig Duswalt, President & CEO of Craig Duswalt International, Creator of the RockStar System for SuccessMotivate to Tri is a book everyone should read. Marcus uses his 20+ years of experiences to share the principles he has learned as a Triathlon coach and participant.

“His transparency regarding his experiences, good and bad, will inspire and motivate you to dig into your heart and realize those passions you may be hiding or put on the back burner. His stories will make you cheer, laugh and re-ignite the fires of passion that still flicker within you.”

Craig Duswalt
, President & CEO
Craig Duswalt International • CraigDuswalt.com


“I recently had the pleasure of meeting Marcus and working with him on a business project. From the moment I met Marcus and his family I realized he is a special person. After finishing the project, I was intrigued and wanted to know more about him. I read his book Motivate to Tri and all I can say is WOW … I now understand his commitment to God, family and his amazing communication skills.

Jim Hawks, Palm Desert, CA“Reading his book made me I realize I personally have no limitations and that life is about showing up and participating in what ever you do, never giving up and living in the moment.

“For many years, I have watched Triathlons on TV and have always thought how cool it would be to participate — but never actually taking action to make it happen. Not until finishing Marcus’ book did I realize that I, too, can step in and do a Triathlon. So, at the writing of this testimonial I am in the beginning days of preparation for my first Triathlon.

“As Marcus reminds us in his book it’s 1% physical and 99% mental. I am 66 years old and look forward to demonstrating just how true this is.

I recommend this book to anyone who is looking for clarity of their purpose and potential in life. Thank you, Marcus, for helping me focus on my inner potential.”

Jim Hawks
Palm Desert, California


Daryn Ross, SuperHero of Marketing“Too many people get bogged down in the day-to-day and never seem to release their true passion for life. They die with the fire still inside. I’ve had a very successful company for more than 25 years, but have always had the passion to pursue something else. But like most people, I kept suppressing it. I ran across Marcus’ book, Motivate To Tri, read it in a couple days and it totally reignited my passion of becoming a speaker, trainer and author. This is a tremendous book and I appreciate how Marcus gives glory and honor to God for his accomplishments.”

Daryn Ross, SuperHero of Marketing,
Megafastline.com and MarketingAllStar.com


Laurie Johnson, Owner Simple Financial Organization“I had the honor to hear Marcus speak at two different events and he was truly inspirational and encouraging. I purchased his new book ‘Motivate to Tri,’ and as I read it, I found that I couldn’t put it down. I am not a triathlete, but I could really feel his dedication and focus to the sport. I, too, have started a new business and I use some of Marcus’s same principles; to dig deep and believe, push through even when it hurts. I love this nugget: ‘Don’t think about how far you have gone or how far you have to go, just stay within yourself and enjoy the moment.’ Thanks Marcus for sharing your story that will inspire many.”

Laurie Johnson, Owner
Simple Financial Organization